Xanax online australian stores

By | 19.10.2017

xanax online australian stores

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  1. Dacage

    Gets the Job Done!! I was prescribed Xanax for severe anxiety brought on by taking Abilify. The Xanax started working within 1 hour of the first dose I took. I was so relieved! When the worst symptoms were gone I was still taking two a day 3 times a day which was beginning to feel excessive to me. Especially since I did not have any more anxiety. Since the doc said it was a controlled substance and you can get addicted I cut back until I didn't need it anymore. I guess it was easy since I had only been taking it a couple of weeks. I had no side effects and just felt really mellow when I took it. I recommend it if you are okay with possibly becoming dependent on it. That is the main reason I stopped taking it because I did not want to take that chance.But if I had another panic/anxiety episode i would take it again temporarily.

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