Buy xanax cost in oklahoma city

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buy xanax cost in oklahoma city

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    I have daily anxiety and was on ativan for a while and while I loved the ativan I was looking for something longer acting - my psychiatrist tried me on Xanax XR .05mg. For me, this drug is a God send. In the beginning when I first starting taking it I did notice some slight dizzyness and 'weird' feelings but I stuck with it and once it regulated in my system (about 3-4 weeks) I feel totally normal and calm on it with zero side effects. I have since upped my dose to the 1mg Xanax XR twice daily if I need it, but some days I only take one pill to get me through the day and deal with the anxiety at night since I'm home and then take a pill in the morning like normal. My advice would be to start it on the lowest dose and work your way up. Also be aware that Xanax XR does sometimes interact with other meds so check to see if it interferes with anything else you're taking or will take in the future.

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