Online xanax sales

By | 09.12.2017

online xanax sales

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  1. Gugar

    I've been on 1mg of Xanax-1 tablet 4 times a day along with 20mg of Prozac. I have severe panic disorder. I've been on this dose for many years and have not experienced any "tolerance" issues. Xanax get's a bad rap because many people abuse it or go above the Dr's prescribed dose. See your Dr. if this isn't working for you. Don't take more than what you're prescribed. Everybody breaks down medications differently.

  2. JoJojin

    Just great. I do not use the prescribed amount (0.5mg every 8 hours or every 4 hours as needed). I have not used for a week now but just took 1/2 pill and 25 minutes later I feel good.

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