Buy xanax online no prescription colorado montrose

By | 01.09.2017

buy xanax online no prescription colorado montrose

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2 thoughts on “Buy xanax online no prescription colorado montrose

  1. Yozshukus

    Every time I had a depression, it's very difficult for me to sleep, my friend said I should consult my doctor and so I did. My doctor prescribed me this medicine..It's really good. Thumbs up!

  2. Moogull

    I have taken Xanax for about 25 years but only as needed. There are many years I never took any & there are years I took it for a few weeks to help with my Anxiety, stress of having a child with a deadly disease & the depression that ensues. I usually take the .5mg & cut it in half and only use it 1-2 times a day, occasionally 3 halves a day. It soothes me & helps my constantly chattering, negative mind take a break. I have tried SSRIs & have symptoms of being allergic to them, so can't take them, ie muscle twitching, rash & itching. So, Xanax is my only recourse. I know it an be addictive so am very careful to take it only as needed, short courses, & usually about half the amount the Dr. prescribes. It has helped me greatly.

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