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By | 10.09.2017

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Despite these: Order cheap xanax north carolina raleigh

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  1. Voodooktilar

    I was prescribed 1 mg of xanax for a week and it helped me tremendously through my son's death. I can see a huge potential for abuse as it tends to make you feel drunk, but a cleaner intoxication. It is VERY calming, relaxing, totally abolishes all anxiety. It is the strongest of all benzodiazepines, and the most abused as well. It can be dangerous to be hooked on as the withdrawal effects have been compared to that of heroin. Overall, I would recommend medical cannabis, helps better in the long run with everything. For short term use, I would highly recommend it for someone who is going through severe emotional problems, like myself.

  2. Sajar

    I've taken it on and off for several years. I take it for anxiety attacks, usually when I wake up in the morning. It is hard to take sometimes because the anxiety causes me to feel sick to my stomach and taking a bitter pill on top of it doesn't help. Will smoke pot in combination for best relief. The pharmacist said not to drive while on it. How am I supposed to function in life without driving!? I try to take it only when really necessary.

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