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By | 08.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Purchase xanax cod cash delivery logo images

  1. Florence

    xanax worsened my panic disorder beyond comprehension! Had panic attacks maybe once or twice a month. Prescribed xanax as needed. stopped my attacks instantly, thought this medicine was a lifesaver. Over the next few months I took as needed. Although it stopped the panic attacks, the panic attacks started occurring more frequently, then became daily. Doctor said my panic disorder was worsening, but I started to think it was the xanax. Tapered for two weeks and went through hell for almost 2 months - panic attacks several times a day, much worse than the ones I was prescribed xanax for, had a weird restless feeling throughout my body, in addition to severe body pain and tinnitus. After 2 months, was eating breakfast and all the withdrawal symptoms just stopped instantaneously. I have only had 1 panic attack since my terror symptoms cleared up, and it was very minor. If your panic attacks get worse while taking this, don't let a doctor tell you it is just your anxiety getting worse, it is the damn drug!

  2. Shakatilar

    I feel the drug taken in massive quantities the way i abused them,over a long period of time actually ruins the brains chemicals that effect the nervous system.I honestly don't know how I am still alive but I shouldn't be.I have been able to eat up to 28 2mg xanax along with 180mg methadone together and noone would know it if they hadn't seen me take it.I honestly needed, and still do,xanax,but,iwish i never touched a 2mg one.They are different somehow.If u would take two 1mg,henceforth making 2mg,it's just not the same.The 2mg bars are extremely potent for some reason.The xanax xr's saved my life.Anyone that needs a long term regimen should be given these,trust me.If given these though Doc's need to raise the dosage when tolerence is known to weaken,don't be cowards & stick ur patients on a physically dependent drug unless u plan on putting them on a drug that will be obsolete 2 their systems and maintenance probably 4 the rest of their lives.This drug given long term is just like

  3. Faedal

    Wonderdrug! If you're experiencing severe anxiety or a panic attack this will make you feel normal in about 30 minutes. It has been a life saver for me! I only take .25mg as needed and it seems to be enough to stop the anxiety without making me feel messed up.

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