Order cheap xanax texas

By | 28.09.2017

order cheap xanax texas

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  1. Tashicage

    Decent drug when used correctly. I took it a couple times a day and kept my dosage low, but I still had a lot of trouble after I quit. (Despite tapering VERY slowly.) I'd recommend starting with a drug like Valium before using Xanax, personally. Xanax is quicker acting, but comes with a lot of baggage. The best thing to do is to use benzos as-needed, but not every day. OR, if you use them every day... pick a longer acting drug and use enough to help calm you, and then make a PLAN to get off, and taper very slowly. These can be very useful drugs, but you need to proceed with a plan.

  2. Akigul

    In general I am anxious and overthink things to the point of having racing thoughts, sweating and in social situations these symptoms are exacerbated and my mind would go blank. I always thought this is just how I am and it sucks. Until one day it all came together and I put a name to it. Social anxiety. I was always afraid of pills and all the addiction stories u hear but after a panic attack I thought it's time. I started a low dose and only take it when I really really need it, about 2/3 times a week. Omg how it's changed my life! If u don't abuse it like some people it does its job! Sometimes I'll go a whole week without it and sometimes I'll use it 4 days. It varies. But it helps me feel way less nervous and focus and really changed my life!

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