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By | 24.08.2017

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3 thoughts on “Purchase discount xanax no rxmeds

  1. Kigul

    I was prescribed Xanax by my psychiatrist because of severe anxiety. I was started on 1 mg to be taken at night. It has been the best medication prescribed for my condition as it also helped slow down the suicidal thoughts which were on a daily basis. I am still taking Xanax under GP supervision, as it helps relieve the level of anxiety tremendously. It is the best medication ever made for people who are born prone to anxiety throughout their childhood/adolescence and extreme shyness, yes shyness. I also take it in conjunction with antidepressant, Aropax, which helped with my depression but also with my unfortunate disability of extreme shyness which was a constant problem for me as an adult basically all my life.

  2. Moogugar

    Alprazolam offers a "cleaner" anxiolytic effect for me compared to Ativan. The "waviness" in lorazepam isn't present in Xanax, though at the 0.75mg dosage level and above I do get a bit of confusion sometimes. 0.5mg works well in a subtle way, though it can be tempting to want to bring up the dose a bit - I had a panic attack while on the medicine at 0.5mg and I couldn't get rid of it until I had taken 1.5mg - and I fell asleep. All in all, Xanax works for anxiety.

  3. Yozshulmaran

    I have Persistent Anxiety, Panic Disorder, Social Anxiety and OCD. Xanax has really helped me. I take xanax and zoloft both. Zoloft is an over time thing, but the xanax works right away. I have experienced insomnia, also sexual side effects. But I can deal with that better than being worried and anxious all the time. Very addictive though. It is hard to give up.

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