Buy cheap discounted xanax xanax dosage pics

By | 12.12.2017

buy cheap discounted xanax xanax dosage pics

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Buy cheap discounted xanax xanax dosage pics - the proper

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  1. Mojinn

    XANAX REALLY HELPS my Panic and Anxiety. I have been on it for 7 years and have NEVER taken more than .75 mg per day in that entire 7 years. My doctor says that I wont be addicted if I stay below 4mgs per day. Yes, I do HAVE to know that I have it or I kinda freak a little bit - but besides that - I am not afraid of taking it. I tried BIO feedback and Relaxation therapy which were both kind of a joke (and expensive) and do almost nothing when you have a real anxiety disorder. I wonder about long term effects but I have to be on something or I can't work. It seems from what others have written that it has FAR LESS side effects than an anti-depressent. Until they find a cure for anxiety and panic - I am staying on XANAX - GOOD LUCK TO ALL OF YOU and thanks for sharing!!

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