Overnight cheap xanax 2mg info

By | 24.09.2017

overnight cheap xanax 2mg info

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  1. Kagazshura

    I'm taking Xanax CR 3 times a day and it is helpful. The only thing is it can be addictive so doctors move doses up and down because of it. Anyway, I am agoraphobic (was a shut-in for 2 yrs)w/pa's and I also take Seroquel CR at night for sleep/PSTD -- that combo takes some getting used to but over all Xanax CR seems to be the only thing other than Klonopin that works (NOTE:Klonopin is least addictive so if you're worried about that- I'd try that first). Make sure you take as prescribed...you know the deal.:)Taking more than needed will NOT help you at all. If you are agoraphobic as I am--it, along with cognitive behavioral therapy is really a godsend. I'd keep a journal to regulate your progress, etc. Be safe & Good Luck everyone!:)

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