Xanax birmingham gb prescription pill bottle

By | 12.06.2017

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Xanax birmingham gb prescription pill bottle - strangers isn

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  1. JoJogrel

    I am giving it 10, because it simply works, and it's the best med out there for anxiety. Bad thing is.. it's very addictive . I have been taking it for almost a year now, on and off, 0.5 if I feel very anxious before going to bed. Yes withdrawals can be bad, but don't listen to all the bad things people say when going off, if you need it you take it.. My mother has been on this med for 10 years as prescribed. If you don't abuse it. You have no reason to be scared.

  2. Shalkis

    As someone who has was once almost housebound with panic attacks twenty years ago, this drug has been wonderful. I only take it when I start getting speedy and my thoughts are racing. It helps be get back to neutral and I haven't had a panic attack in 20 years. I only use this drug as needed - less than 30 pills/yearly.

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