Non prescription cheap xanax online india

By | 14.09.2017

non prescription cheap xanax online india

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  1. Bak

    I have suffered from anxiety & panic attacks since Kindergarten! I "self medicated",w/alcohol & weed, until they became an "issue",to say the least! I hit rock bottom almost losing my family, my job,tried AA, Shrinks, until I had a full blown attack.I thought I was having a heart attack ,sweating,rapid heart beat ,etc .I also dreaded any social affairs,or changes in my life .I thought I was just missing a link,not "normal",whatever that is! I went to my Dr & he prescribed .25mg, the lowest .But I was able to 'function" ,go to weddings ,NOT drink ,since 1999. I'm now on the 2mg addicted? I am able to live w/o alcohol & function, but do feel it ,if I don't take it.Trade off? Maybe,but it's better than being a "captive" of my fears. Just be you!

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