Online pharmacy cod xanax generic identification

By | 22.08.2017

online pharmacy cod xanax generic identification

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2 thoughts on “Online pharmacy cod xanax generic identification

  1. Bale

    Everyone complains about the addictive nature of this drug. Who cares? It's the only one that has worked for me. Tried most SSRIs and SSNRI's to no avail. After a nervous breakdown, a house fire, the unexpected death of my wife in a auto accident, the loss of a two year old foster daughter whom we were to adopt (she had to be moved after wife's death), then my very best friend died from cancer - all within a year and a half. The last thing I care about is being dependent on a prescription drug. I am more worried about a "self-medicator" driving around drunk and killing my kids and myself than Xanax dependence. Puts things in perspective a little doesn't it? I take 3 mg a day now - so what if I have to go up!

  2. Tuzuru

    I use 3 x 10mg Buspar generic daily for base line control and then start my day out with the 0.125mg Xanax under tounge. This causes quick action and I start my day level instead of "35,000 ft and climbing". Obviously I reduce my chances of building up a tolerance. If I do air travel, etc. then I add what's necessary for unusual anxiety. My thanks to all the contributors to this forum.

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