Generic xanax with no markings on rifle

By | 16.10.2017

generic xanax with no markings on rifle

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2 thoughts on “Generic xanax with no markings on rifle

  1. Luccile

    I agree with everything that has already been said here. I am just so incredibly grateful that I was able to build a trusting relationship with my doctor so that HE feels comfortable prescribing it. Xanax really is the only thing that helps me untangle myself when the anxiety takes over. What I love the most is that I can count on it to do the job and not leave me feeling strange later. It just smooths out the wrinkles and kinks that I get into every so often. Just knowing that I have it in my cabinet to lean on is in itself a big help for me - my secret tool. Yes, it's a shame something so helpful to us is abused, but that is with everything in life. Be happy we aren't Guinea pigs anymore with the crappy meds :-)

  2. Vudozshura

    It has helped a lot with my anxiety and panic. Unfortunately I know I am dependent. If I go to work and forget my meds I am panicky all day. Sometimes I have a racing heart without it. Often I will break up the "bars" and take 1mg. It works faster if dissolved under the tongue but tastes disgusting. Doctor had me try Klonopin because it is safer.... It just made me too tired.

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