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By | 05.10.2017

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The drug is amphetamine-based and therefore likely habit forming. Find all posts by paperbackwriter. Originally Posted by Manda JO. Also it is very important to properly conceal and dispose of old or unneeded medicines. Do not open cover; no user serviceable parts inside. Once you have given the patient a prescription, they have your numbers.

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Monitor quantities and control access by taking note of how many pills are in a bottle and keeping track of refills. I find nothing on their physical exam that confirms such a dire problem, and I see from their pre-sentence investigation that they've been convicted of knocking over pharmacies and selling drugs since they were teenagers. Originally Posted by Manda JO. Or be required to do by the state? I've had a lot of codeine and morphine for knee pain over the years and tried a little recreational opium and as far as I can tell it only make me irritable.


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  1. Momuro

    Helps emenlsy and quickly but you can have seizures if you take everyday then abruptly cut yourself off. From twitches. Mind hurts and yes sezuires. But it helps me with the traumas I've been threw.

  2. Matthew

    Anything that can get me back on track while I deal with my very occasional anxiety issues. Xanax helped me out a lot 4.5 years ago and I am in need of it again.

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