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  1. Kizahn

    I have been diagnosed with both Dysautonomia and GAD. I cannot take SSRI's as they throw me into an extreme panic state starting with pill one. I finally gave in and accepted Xanax from my doctor. My dosage is 0.05 3 times a day. I never take the prescribed dose but rather 1/2 pill in the morning, daytime if needed and I rarely take at night. My life has done a complete turnaround. I have energy again, I'm not so tense, snappy or experiencing the extreme anxiety that would peak at around 2pm. I'm careful to take as I need, and while doctors may not like prescribing it, the truth is many of us will be on medication forever. I've found something that doesn't feel like medication, I just feel like me.

  2. Sahn

    I have been taking Xanax 0.25 for less than four years to control anxiety mainly before sleep. It works really well until it does exactly opposite for its purpose, causing more anxiety and distress. I have been taking Xanax randomly only to relax me before sleep, say 3 times a month, 10 times a month and most of the time half of the 0.25. I noticed that overtime especially in the months I took it more often, the anxiety, the fast heart beats and confusion and strange muscle weakness were getting beyond tolerable. In few words, I would tell anyone there that NO ONE should even begin taking this very addictive Xanax. Better suffer through your difficulties than using Xanax to ease your anxiety and panic. The drug will take you to abyss.

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