Buy xanax online no prescription georgia atlanta

By | 14.02.2018

buy xanax online no prescription georgia atlanta

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3 thoughts on “Buy xanax online no prescription georgia atlanta

  1. Zulkishura

    Once agian if you decide to take this drug do the research it is a narcotic all narcotics carry the risk of addiction and you will go thru D.T.'s somthing fierce when you stop taking it I know did. Know this thier are none narcotic options you can take that are just as effective granted you might have to try a couple different ones before you find the right one.This is a drug that is NOT to be taken lightly.

  2. Bridjet

    I have just begun this treatment of .5mg 3x daily after having been on Valium 5mg 2x daily since 2003. I began the Valium in the first place after I had quit drinking in 2003- I had a complete breakdown- physical and mental. I want off the Valium and try the Xanax due to the fact I still have GAD, OCD, and Panic Disorder WITH agoraphobia. No antidepressant has ever really touched base with this effectively, and the Valium was not either; infact, I've wondered if it was not aggravating some emotional issues.

  3. Voodoolkis

    I've been on quite a few different kinds of medications for anxiety and depression, but I've never had a reaction quite like I did with this one. Within hours of taking it for the first time, I began to feel nauseous, drowsy, uncoordinated, shaky; my vision was blurry and I couldn't drive a car. These symptoms persisted until I stopped the medication. I tried it once or twice after stopping the first time, and the horrible symptoms came right back. I couldn't even do my work. If you have any sensitivities to this medication I would not recommend it. I'm no doctor, but even I know when a pill isn't worth the risk.

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