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By | 15.06.2017

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  1. Jujora

    Xanax has saved my life...i have suffered from GAD since i was a teenager and i finally got the guts to go to the doctor and get some xanax. He ended up putting me on 20 mg celexa and .25 mg xanax. The celexa made my anxiety worse and i had the longest lasting worst panic attack of my life. I stopped taking the celexa after 5 days and have taken xanax since then as needed. my panic attacks have all but disappeared and just knowing that i have the xanax stops me from having them most of the time. SSRI's might work for some but i need something that is made just for anxiety and xanax works wonders. Maybe i will try xanax xr in the future but the regular stuff is working fine for now.

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