Online pharmacy cod xanax side effects

By | 07.01.2018

online pharmacy cod xanax side effects

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3 thoughts on “Online pharmacy cod xanax side effects

  1. Yozshubei

    I was having such severe panic attacks that my family thought they were gonna have to hospitalize me. The xanax stopped them not dead in their tracks but sure helped alot I have only been taking 0.5 mg cut in half at night so I may have to go up to the full pill because after being on this low dose for around eight months it's probably not enough any more I have not found a better drug for panic and anxiety disorder

  2. Malamuro

    Works good Started out using the regular xanax for about 20 days and didn't like the rapid washin and washout of the drug and didn't like taking the pills so many times a day so had dr. switch me to the xr version. The xr version is very much milder and like only having to take it once in the morning. I'm on a very low dosage and it doesn't get rid of the panic or anxiety, but definately allows me to control them without feeling drugged or feeling overly tired.

  3. Yoshakar

    I began to get panic attacks and I didn't leave my house for almost 2 yrs. I then lost my only son to a tragic death, after losing my brother mother and husband all in the same time period of 4 yrs. It has enabled me to go to the grocery store and to visit my grandson. I have no side effects and I take it as it is prescribed. It is a life saver for me. Nor am I out seeking other drugs because of taking Xanax. I am not a drinker of alcohol, at all. It does have wonderful therapuetic results. Thank God and Xanax.

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