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By | 23.02.2018

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  1. Arale

    I urge anyone to start on the smallest dose as I was pleasantly surprised that a tiny nibble of 2mg worked amazingly quick and helped curtail a full blown attack. I have taken a full 2 mg at once when panic attack was at worst. I simply fell asleep and awoke with same anxiety. If I take the small dose as I feel the attack coming on, it just stops. I know everyone is different but I have always been within the mindset that the stronger the better with meds. That has not been the case with Zanax for me. I also keep in mind this is a med that your body will eventually need more of for equal benefit. It's a miracle med for those who have unexplained fear. It has saved my marriage!

  2. Vom

    It is very helpful if you have panic disorder, anxiety, depression or you get seizures, because I have all those symptoms. It calms you right away and that's exactly what you need if you have the symptoms that I have. I also have get very bad dreams, so when I wake up in the middle of the night it is very helpful. But there's always a bad side to the medication. You stop feeling the affect, so after you have been taking it for about 6 months you need to increase the dose. But that's not always the answer you might be on the right dose or you could need more or less but that's up to your doctor. But this medication is very helpful with my every day life! Fast realizing stress medication. I have been taking it since I was 16 now I am now 24

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