Order xanax no prescription colorado windsor

By | 20.03.2018

order xanax no prescription colorado windsor

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Order xanax no prescription colorado windsor - drug

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  1. Arashim

    Hello everyone out there reading this. I started taking xanax for anxiety( a 2mg bar at night for sleep to turn my brain off at night). Worked my way up to 2 2mg bars a night for sleep/anxiety. BRAIN FOG set in. MEMORY LOSS like I was going crazy. BE CAREFUL this med (and all benzo's) are for short term use ONLY!!!. Tried to taper myself off and couldn't. I went to a detox facility (Hospital) and detoxed properly. Was a horrible experience. I was stuck in a hospital with heroine/alcoholics for a week. If your reading this BE CAREFUL. This med is for short term use.

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