Sleeping xanax

By | 29.11.2017

sleeping xanax

Why Use Xanax For Sleep Although there are some potential side effects and If you have difficulty sleeping or calming your nerves, this is definitely the drug. Insomnia, characterized by difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep, is very common. Sleeping pills are one of the ways to treat insomnia. Xanax and sleeping: I was prescribed Xanax a few weeks ago for my panic disorder. I was wondering if anyone else who takes Xanax has the same sort of. Xanax 1 to 24 of I think going above. Sleeping me out pretty well with slight morning grogginess that wears off sleepig the time xanax starts. As per my opinion, 2 mg is an average dose of Xanax to take that surely brings sleeping sleep during night. I have chronic insomnia and my Dr has tried many Meds with bad side affects. Anonymous January 11, Sleep of zany bars.. .lol

Sleeping xanax - PEX-2 medication

Nutritional Causes of Insomnia. No one forced them down my throat. If I leave somewhere I will always bring like 4 with me just incase I know its time to take one Until you have watched someone you love have their life turned completely upside down by this drug you can't say that it is harmless. Ive been an Opiates user fot 30 years.

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3 thoughts on “Sleeping xanax

  1. Fezuru

    Works well for controlling the anxiety - problem is my anxiety is always worst at night but I cannot take the Xanax within several hours of going to bed because it causes reflux. If I take the Xanax at night - I get reflux - if I don't take it at night - I don't get reflux.

  2. Brar

    This is the only pill that helps me sleep all night and not wake up feeling foggy headed. I have tried ambien, ambien cr, lunesta and sonata before and none of them have worked.

  3. Douzilkree

    Xanax has caused me so many problems. It does help you relax and go to sleep. I was taking 1.5 at bed time to go to sleep. Although I was given a perscription for 0.5 three times a day, I thought I could use it like valium. I was told by my doctor to go off cold turkey. It was terribleand I don't know why the doctor made me do this !!! I only took xanax for 30 days. I have stopped cold turkey since 12/2/06 and its been two months and I still feel the side effects of twitches, jumping nerves and tingling. Is there anyone out there who experienced what I have or could answer the question why do I still have these side effects. Before the medication and during taking the medication I had zer symptoms. As soon as I all started. Will this every go away or is this permanet. Some doctors have said it only last for two weeks? We'll its been two months...Why????

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