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By | 02.12.2017

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  1. Kijin

    It works..but not the most effective anti-anxiety I had been on Ativan for 15 yrs to control my GAD symptoms. My MD suggested I try The Xanax XR to see if the anxiety could be controlled all day. He started me on 1 mg then upped it to 2mg when I explained that it didn't work too well. Then he changed me to 1mg IR twice a day as needed. This only caused me to feel tired and lethargic. It's effect on me was similar to Valium. If sedation was my goal then I would say the xanax helped in that respect. But the Ativan has worked much better and I've returned to taking it as needed.( which is usually only once/day). All the benzodiazepines have an addictive potential but supposedly the xanax is the one most abused.

  2. Talrajas

    Love is not the answer Okay, so I loved Xanex. It was my savior for years when panic would overtake me. I always had it with me, just in case. I really liked that it worked pretty quickly and didn't have too much of a hangover. Eventually my doctor switched me to Ativan which is supposedly less addictive. Now that I'm on Paxil, I almost never take Xanex or Ativan. Just don't need them. I never took Xanex every day but I could have. I can see how this drug could be highly addictive. I never had very many side effects except drowsiness. It was a lot more pleasant to me than Valium, which I took prior to Xanex. I think it does a great job in calming one down, but I wouldn't recommend taking it more than once in a while.

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