Buy xanax in the uk we had a guy thing

By | 16.08.2017

buy xanax in the uk we had a guy thing

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  1. Darina

    Began taking xanax during a time when my one and only child left home for college and I lost my job a month later. It allowed me to cope and move forward. The most I ever took was 1 mg per day, but I now take .25 when I have periodic depression and anxiety. I sometimes go 6 weeks without taking one. The best way to describe it is like rebooting your mind. Life saver for me.

  2. Mogal

    A really good benzo I take 6mgs of XR in the morning. Prior to this I had been on Klonopin and Ativan. I took Ativan 4 times a day and I started to have withdrawal in between doses. Now that I am on XR I never feel like my level of the med is low and it has been really effective for reducing the number of panic attacks I experience.

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