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  1. Voodoom

    It does help my attacks though. I still have a few now in then, but nothing like I did before.

  2. Mor

    I have been in show business as a musician, doing tours and cruise ships. The first major contract I got I had to terminate 3 months into it due to extreme anxiety from riding a bus every day, dealing with too many people and feeling claustrophobic in the bus.After being prescribed the drug, I was able to do several long term contracts that allowed me to save some money and buy a home, I sold the home at a big profit and got a better home with land. I now live in a very rural area, I still have problems with being around groups of people. I feel I have been discriminated against with at least one cruise line I worked for when I listed xanax as a prescription drug I took, I think the info got back to the office. The doctor thought I could'nt perform my duties with this medication, even though I had fulfilled many contracts for the company in the past. Normally I take 1 mg. at night to sleep, and .25 to .5 mg. during days I think I need it, which is not often.

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