Online pharmacy cod xanax xanax withdrawal symptoms

By | 18.08.2017

online pharmacy cod xanax xanax withdrawal symptoms

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3 thoughts on “Online pharmacy cod xanax xanax withdrawal symptoms

  1. Yozshushura

    Using Alprazolam (Xanax) 15+ years Started out taking 1 mg 3x/day; never went above that, now taking 1 mg/daily, occasionally twice. Marvelously useful in keeping me functional. My personal suggestion is that users take as low a dosage as they can comfortably "get away with." I am NOT a doctor ;-)

  2. Tom

    the very first time was horrible, like having another panic attack, but when the body got used to it I am having a great time, the paxil makes me *happy* and the xanax is like (hate to say it this way) but is like being stoned all day, in a good way, no more panic, CAREFUL DRIVING! and take your pill on time because the withdrawal is worse than those from heroin...I DO know. I am talking about 1 whole mg of xanax in an extended release. but I recommend 100%

  3. Vishakar

    Works!!! I must say this drug is truly amazing with instant effects! I take one now and again for those sleepless nights and for the odd occasional panic attacks. 10/10 works great, although i think it may be addictive if used daily (speculitive)----works great for me !!!!!!!!!!!

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