Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease: Easy To Follow Low To Very Low Protein Diet For Improving And Maintaining Kidney Function & Avoiding Dialysis

By | May 16, 2018
Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease: Easy To Follow Low To Very Low Protein Diet For Improving And Maintaining Kidney Function & Avoiding Dialysis

Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz… 

I’m a Naturopath (aka. holistic, alternative or natural health doctor) and a Nutritionist who is a nationally renowned expert on helping people improve their kidney health using natural treatments such as diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements. 

I have helped tens-of-thousands of people improve and control their kidney disease. More importantly, I am a kidney disease sufferer who has gone through every stage of kidney disease. From past kidney failure and dialysis to present day…living healthily with a kidney transplant for the last 12 years. Not wanting to end up a statistic (the average cadaver kidney lasts just 7 years), I became formally trained and spent my life studying everything I could about improving kidney disease. I began helping myself and everyday men and women avoid the horrors and miserable cycle of kidney failure and dialysis which has subsequently become my passion and mission in life. 

And I’m here to tell you that there’s a simple, step-by-step scientifically proven diet, used in over a third of the world’s medical systems (unknown to people in the U.S.), that anyone can use to really improve their kidney health and AVOID 4 hours, 3 times per week of painful dialysis treatments. 
Even better, this simple, powerful diet has been proven again and again to work on almost ANY form of kidney disease. 

This Diet Works Wonders For Anyone … 
Anyone suffering from stage 1 to stage 4 kidney disease … told by their doctors to prepare for dialysis! People who feel they have no hope, who are absolutely terrified of what they’ve seen happen to others in similar situations or what their doctor told them to expect. This eBook will give you a treasure trove of information, the very same kind big pharma doesn’t want you to know about! 

Learn which foods are absolutely vital to helping reduce protein in your urine, lower elevated potassium, blood pressure and phosphorus levels, and which foods are key to re-establishing healthy kidney function so you can get back to living life and doing the things you love without becoming fatigued or falling ill every day. Or worse, spending 0,000 a year on dialysis treatments. 

Start today by living the right lifestyle for your kidney. Learn about the all-too-common pitfall foods you need to avoid in order to maintain optimal kidney function, health and vitality. Feast your eyes on a showcase of delectable recipes which prove you don’t have to eat bland, unappetizing foods in order to keep your kidney thriving. NEVER forego flavor again! 

Discover the inexpensive supplements to use alongside this diet. The same supplements that most companies offer for upwards of 0 per monthly supply! You will learn which ones to use and where to get them for a fraction of the cost. 

Find out the delicious natural sweetener used in Japan and Brazil to treat kidney disease and blood sugar, the healing cooking oils to use, and many more tips and tricks to avoid kidney failure and regain kidney function … 

Boost your kidney function by following the basic principles in this diet. Incorporate ancient, exotic spices into your meals (and drinks) so you’re actually reversing your kidney damage with every bite. 
Simple dietary guides and food lists so you can dine out just like you used to, enjoying time with friends and family, without the dread of indecision when you glance upon that menu. 

Arm yourself with knowledge against kidney failure. Learn the simple formulas and plate methods which will ensure better kidney function for years to come! Everything from correct cooking techniques to how to read a food label. 

And much, much more… 

Look no further, because this innovative diet has been successful with all kinds of kidney disease sufferers, including myself! And it’s all here in a simple-to-understand and compact report available instantly for less than you’d pay to go to a movie.