Massage Blocks – Back Kit Pro – Trigger Point relief from low back strains and spasms

By | February 21, 2018
Massage Blocks - Back Kit Pro - Trigger Point relief from low back strains and spasms

This Kit Includes: 2x The Low Back Tool: This tool is very specialized to target the segmental vertebral muscles of the low back. If you have muscle pain emanating from just above the sacrum at the spinous process of L3-S1 (very low back, very near the spine) or been told that you have Multifidus Triangle Syndrome, this tool will be like nothing you have ever experienced for immediate pain relief. This tool focuses extension of specific vertebral bodies, while applying trigger point therapy to these hard to reach muscles. In lab testing we have been able to document 30% body weight directed ideally and tirelessly to the muscles most commonly associated with low back pain. The Small Block: Don’t let the size of this tool fool you, our Small Block is amazingly versatile powerful. Small enough to fit in your pants pocket; it can be taken with you anywhere. Low back muscle pain? If you have not tried this tool, you will be shocked at the forces this tool can apply to the lumbar and surrounding muscle groups. This tool is helpful when your muscle pain radiates from trigger points above and below the pelvis and further away from the spine. Always seek the advice of your health care provider before starting a new treatment or rehabilitation plan. We do not recommend these tools for those diagnosed with Sciatica or Cauda Equina.

  • Target Low Back Muscle Strains and Spasms, the most common cause of low back pain.
  • Made of thick walled synthetic rubber. The our design and material set us apart.
  • In the box are 2x Low Back Tool + 1 Small Block for Glute and QL strains
  • Includes our Product Guide and Links to Free Instructional Videos.
  • All Parts Recyclable and Made in USA.