MetaDerm Baby Eczema Cream Proven to Naturally Heal Itch, Rash, Inflammation and Prevent Future Flares (32 oz. Pump Bottle)

By | April 12, 2018
MetaDerm Baby Eczema Cream Proven to Naturally Heal Itch, Rash, Inflammation and Prevent Future Flares (32 oz. Pump Bottle)

MetaDerm Natural Baby Eczema Soothing Spray is a natural eczema treatment developed in an evidence-based manner that is profoundly effective and gentle, providing perfect eczema relief in newborns, infants, and children. Our no-rub eczema spray is a convenient, no-hassle skin solution that’s made from the same potent botanical blend as our moisturizing creams and washes and is just as effective.

In clinical studies, 85% of users saw dramatic improvement of their eczema symptoms with frequent, continued use. That means that MetaDerm products work even better than leading prescription and OTC eczema treatments and without the risk of side effects (Alex et. al. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Supl. 1, 2013,

Our products were designed to restore your skin’s natural healing potential and are recommended for continual use for consistent, long-term results. MetaDerm products can be used alone or mixed and matched as part of your daily skin care regimen. When used twice a day, you can achieve meaningful results in 2 weeks and clear skin within 8-12 weeks. To prevent flares and maintain results, use daily. If you are currently using topical steroids, sudden withdrawal can result in topical steroid withdrawal-induced flares. In this situation, consider adding MetaDerm to your current regimen and tapering off topical steroids

Plus, with a money-back guarantee, your journey to healthy skin with MetaDerm’s eczema spray treatment is risk-free.
MetaDerm’s line of eczema relief products also includes MetaDerm Eczema Cream, MetaDerm Scalp Care Spray, and a MetaDerm Wash. For a more moisturizing solution, try adding our Hyper-Moisturizing Cream to your MetaDerm skin care routine. This long-lasting cream contains kokum butter, known for its emollient and regenerative benefits, for added skin barrier protection and ultra-supple skin feel.

  • Healing cream for eczema gently helps relieve red, itchy, flaky skin associated with baby eczema
  • Steroid-free solution provides a safe and effective way to treat and prevent eczema flares
  • Safe and natural eczema baby lotion absorbs fast for quick eczema relief
  • Natural eczema treatment restores skin health by treating inflammation with 25 powerful botanicals
  • Clinically proven to relieve symptoms better than many prescription and OTC eczema treatments