Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Tartar Remover, 32 oz

By | March 29, 2018
Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dog Tartar Remover, 32 oz

When added to your dog’s water, our veterinarian-recommended Advanced Oral Care Liquid Tartar Remover for dogs alters the pH of your dog’s saliva to help reduce plaque and tartar buildup. This dog breath freshener is also formulated with Denta-C, a blend of ingredients that are scientifically proven to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria. This liquid dog tartar remover is a great supplement to regular brushing for dogs who need something different in their oral care routine!

Advanced Oral Care from Nylabone

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Quick Facts
  • 80% of all dogs suffer from periodontal disease by the age of 3 (Source: American Veterinary Dental Society)
  • Preventative dental care reduces the risk of developing oral disease, which can lead to serious issues for dogs and cats
  • Establishing a daily routine of proper dental care may extend the life of your pet

Nylabone, the makers of safe, healthy chews since 1955, also has a line of safe and healthful dental care items. “Over 45 million dogs in the United States currently have oral disease,” says Mike Connelly, Vice President of Marketing for Nylabone Products, “and periodontal disease can lead to more serious and life-threatening ailments such as lung, heart and kidney ailments.”

In addition, many of Nylabone’s products contain Denta-C. Denta-C is a scientifically-formulated blend of ingredients including Vitamin C that is clinically proven to reduce plaque that harbors bacteria, and Sodium Hexametaphosphate, a safe, natural detergent found in nature. Together, this power-duo helps control the build-up of plaque and tartar leading to bad breath. The end result is healthier gums, whiter teeth and a healthier pet.

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Use Directions

Combine 1 tablespoon of Liquid Tartar Remover with 32 oz. of water. Allow dog to drink as desired and replace as necessary.

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