Buy cheap xanax maryland frederick

By | 26.10.2017

buy cheap xanax maryland frederick

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  1. Kishakar

    While I found this medication to be effective for anxiety, the concentration & memory loss were terrible and almost cost me my job. I didn't really notice anything was wrong until I started my new job. Training was a nightmare. I couldn't focus long enough to learn anything new! I was reading a short list of keywords and by the time I got to #3 I couldn't remember #1. I couldn't pay attention long enough to read a book, or even a short article. I couldn't remember people's names. I had to write everything down. I couldn't focus on anything anyone was telling me, I would just pretend like I understood. Luckily I noticed something was wrong and stopped taking it about 2 months ago. My memory and ability to focus have improved.

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