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By | 28.11.2017

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  1. Najinn

    Even though this medication is addictive, I cannot say enough about how much it helped me when I needed it so badly 15 years ago. 15 years ago, during the same month, I found out I could not have children and my mother was diagnosed with colon cancer. 6 months from her date of diagnosis, my mother passed away. It was more than I could bear at the time. That's when I started having panic attacks. Unless you have experienced one, you cannot imagine how terrible they are. My family dr. prescribed Xanax for me at that time and I have taken it off and on since then. It did wonders for me. The feeling I was having that I was losing my mind went away and it was wonderful! I could function normally again. I take one every once in a while when I feel an attack coming on, but I don't have to take them on a regular basis any more. On the average, I take 1 per week. You have to weigh the benefits vs. the addiction; for me the benefits far outweighed the addiction. If you have panic att

  2. Gutilar

    I think Im addicted to it. Forgot to take for a few days and got sooo sick like the worst flu ever. Started again and it all went away.

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