Order xanax no prescripton mississippi hattiesburg

By | 19.07.2017

order xanax no prescripton mississippi hattiesburg

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2 thoughts on “Order xanax no prescripton mississippi hattiesburg

  1. Kajijind

    Settles me make me less sensitive more level headed. I never have been on it for very long but for the brief times I have been, its been wonderful.

  2. Mazukree

    I started on Xanax after the birth of my second child for post partum anxiety. I used Ativan after my first baby but my new doctor wanted me to try Xanax. I thought it worked great at first. .25 my 4 x a day. Most days I only took 2 or 3. My baby developed colic issues and my husband was working 60 -70 hours a week so I had no help and was going crazy from no sleep and endless hours of non-stop crying so they upped my dose to .5 mg 3 x a day. Things calmed down around 3 months so I tried to cut back down but ended up with severe panic attacks and shaking, etc. Even when I take my regular dose on time I am still struggling with increased heart rate, shakiness, irritability, etc. Hoping to switch meds or something at my next appointment.

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