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  1. Vudonris

    I was diagnosed with a severe panic disorder that literally took over my life. I was prescribed Xanax 0.25mg it is my life saver. I feel like my old self and I look forward to getting up in the morning. I was petrified of getting the panic attacks and this medication has helped and it works within 15 minutes of taking it. I have had reduced attacks and feel so much better. The only downside is you feel a little bit drowsy and if you are late taking it on time I found I would get severe blurred vision. It usually passed within a few hours. You definitely have to take it on time.

  2. Shakakree

    I started noticing effects of MS, shuffling while walking, 14 years ago, itís now where I need crutches to walk. Started having problems falling asleep, mind racing, thinking depressing thoughts. Had a bout with sinus, couldnít breath through my nose, got panicky trying to sleep felt like I was suffocating. I would get out of bed and stay up until exhausted. My wife gave me .5 a half of her pill. I have been taking .5 for 2 weeks before bedtime. I will see my primary physician and get a 1mg to split. I will try to only use it when I feel like I cannot sleep due to what I have read on this site. Seems like it works really fast so if I donít take it and had a problem I will get up and take .5.

  3. Tecage

    I have been on SSRI's and benzos for probably 3 or 4 years. SSRI's for depression and on top of that benzos for anxiety and panic attacks. Was on ativan for 3 years and it eventually stopped working. Would take 2 0.5mg pills and it would not affect my anxiety at all. Psychiatrist switched me to xanax 0.5mg everyday as needed up to 3 pills a day. It actually works. It takes a few minutes and wipes away any panic attack and softens my anxiety. I am very careful though because I know it can be very addictive. I was clean off the ativan for months and had no withdrawls so I know I was not addicted to that. Have only been on the xanax a few months and I only take it AS NEEDED so not to get addicted.

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