Can you buy xanax at the pharmacy without scripts express

By | 28.10.2017

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3 thoughts on “Can you buy xanax at the pharmacy without scripts express

  1. Stanislav

    This has long been a life saving drug for me. I have suffered with severe anxiety and panic attacks since I was 12 this has been the drug that has carried me through most of my life and helped me be a functional part of society. I only take it "as needed" and have never had to increse my .25 dose - unfortunately, due to its bad rap for addiction, I have often had doctors who refuse to perscribe it I tried to get along without having it as a back up which resulted in MANY emergency room visits for panic attacks. I changed doctors till I found one who acknowledged my need for it, saw that from my perscription history that 30 pills could take me up to 6-9 months to finish, thus he didn't fear addiction and he never treated me like junkie pill seeker, which has happened to myself as well as others I know who have found Xanax to be a life saver.

  2. Shaktitaxe

    Really helped me alot! I am taking a very small amount as needed. i am very sensative to drugs and this one seems to do the trick!

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