A good website to buy xanax online rx

By | 23.06.2017

a good website to buy xanax online rx

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3 thoughts on “A good website to buy xanax online rx

  1. Sydney

    Yeah, it works. Some people are more sensitive than others. Generally, you take a pill (depends on dosage) and you just start feeling your tight chest and stomach release, and I notice I begin breathing more calmly and normally. Just feels good all over, which is such a contrast from the horrors of anxiety. It can make you a little sleepy. I think for 'normal people' it would make them very sleepy. For 'anxious' people, I think it makes you normal and relaxed. The one problem is that if you take it too much, like three days in a row, the effect is reduced and you have to 'up' the dosage. I think it works best for occasional use, like before a difficult situation or when you're just having a lot of anxiety and need calm.

  2. Fauzilkree

    Excellent for anxiety, especially if you start with the minimum amount, 0.25 mg and only take more if needed. I say this because I was prescribed 0.5 mg 3x daily and don't need that much. Try to take the least amount and if that works don't take more since you can build up a slight tolerance over time. My only concern is will I ever be able to be off of medicine. I just wish there was a natural cure for anxiety. I hate being dependent on this.

  3. Dut

    My panic lasted all day, it came on after 2 months of being unemployed for the 1st time in my life. I could not function, I was always thinking negative, scared, hot and cold flashes and could eat. Just over 2 years ago I went through bankruptcy and lost just about everything my wife and I worked for all are life including our home. I was put in the hospitals mental ward for 17 days, no medicines worked. As a last resort I under went electroconvulsive therapy and it worked. This time as mentioned I was given Xanax and within 20 minutes I was back to normal after almost a month of feeling worthless. This medicine has saved my life and now I can function again. I take a half mg in the morning and another half mg around evening.

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