Order cheap generic xanax from trusted online resellers wanted

By | 20.06.2017

order cheap generic xanax from trusted online resellers wanted

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  1. Taramar

    I've been tormented by anxiety since childhood. I am 24 years old and have been through a lot in my life. I've been diagnosed with depression, bipolar disorder and anxiety, panic attacks, ADD. I've been medicated most my life as well. My anxiety got so bad in high school that I had to be home schooled. I wake up in the morning feeling like my heart will explode for no apparent reason. I get intense irrational fear and intense impulses to harm myself because I just can't take it and get frustrated I start throwing and breaking things I can't stand to be alone a lot of the time. Xanax works fast and calms me down without knocking me out. Depending on the severity of my attacks I take up to 2 mg. No less than 0.5-1mg.

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