Xanax 1 mg for sale codorniz recreation

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  1. Moogurg

    This is a very good drug to take for inability to sleep & also for peri-menopause sysmtoms. I have tried Ambien and it is expensive and I felt as though I was having a seizure. You can get "attached" to Xanax so be careful. It is better to take this drug instead of Excedrin PM which make me restless and makes my heart race. Do not drink alcohol with this drug!

  2. Fejinn

    Have been totally taking it easy the past two days. Got some Xanax from my Dr a few weeks ago, and didn't take them, for fear of addiction and sleepiness they've given me in the past. But I finally took one yesterday and today and they really helped alot. The point at which I decided to just take them, was when a complete stranger told me to

  3. Zuramar

    Have been sober for 25 years and when I got into my 50's I began having anxiety when in crowds, such as weddings, Christmas parties, dinner parties,etc. I take .5mg about an hour before the event and it does the job, I feel relaxed and comfortable around people. I am very careful to take this pill only when necessary as I have heard many horror stories about how addictive it is.It can be a life saver if used with caution.

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