Xanax paypal pay

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xanax paypal pay

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  1. Goltill

    I started having anxiety attacks a few months ago due to marijuana use. Bad life choice I regret but due to my natural anxiety marijuana made it 10x worse. I started having anxiety attacks sometimes up to 6x a day for a few weeks. I had a visit to my doctor scheduled anyway and was honest and told him about my situation. He prescribed me xanax to use as a short term medication for my anxiety attacks as he said weed can cause horrible anxiety for a month in some ppl. I took it as prescribed which was every six hours as needed. I started with about .25mg a day but took .5 a few times when it was real bad. 2 weeks later I began splitting the pills in half to .12. Am completely off it now but made a huge difference in my life for that time.

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