Read ‘Em and Sleep: Mindfulness-Based Insomnia Relief

By | May 20, 2018
Read 'Em and Sleep: Mindfulness-Based Insomnia Relief

“You won’t get past chapter one!”

—Carmela Adinolfi, insomniac.

If you’re up in the middle of the night, I feel your pain. I’ve struggled with insomnia for over a decade and know just how awful it can be. I needed a solution that would relax me into a good night’s sleep. And so Read ‘Em and Sleep was born.

Based on the principles of mindfulness meditation, this sleep book invites you to stroll down a nature trail, glaze over math theory, or choose from ten other sleepy scenarios to meet your unique bedtime needs. Each peaceful chapter begins with a mindful quote, invokes transcendental themes, and is stimulation-free.

This book is perfect for:

• Insomnia

• Light Sleepers

• Occasional Sleeplessness

• Night Shift Recovery

• Jet Lag