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Low Protein Diet For Kidney Disease: Easy To Follow Low To Very Low Protein Diet For Improving And Maintaining Kidney Function & Avoiding Dialysis

Hi, I’m Robert Galarowicz…  I’m a Naturopath (aka. holistic, alternative or natural health doctor) and a Nutritionist who is a nationally renowned expert on helping people improve their kidney health using natural treatments such as diet, lifestyle changes and nutritional supplements.  I have helped tens-of-thousands of people improve and control their kidney disease. More importantly,… Read More »

Intimacy With Impotence: The Couple’s Guide To Better Sex After Prostate Disease

Erectile dysfunction is a frequent consequence of prostate cancer and other prostate disease treatments. Though unwelcome and embarrassing, it doesn’t have to end a couple’s sex life. Both informative and practical, Intimacy with Impotence gives couples cause for hope. It discusses impotence in lay terms, provides information on the commercial therapies and medications both available… Read More »

Surviving Kidney Disease: True Stories of Love, Courage, Hope, and Heroism …a

Dr. Fisher is a nephrologist who “gets it”. He is a recovering cancer patient. He understands the challenges of chronic disease as a patient. He has also seen the challenges of his patients with renal failure and the related diseases like diabetes. Surviving Kidney Disease tells amazing stories of kidney patients who are holding onto… Read More »