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Cardiac Pharmacology (Four important Cardiology Drugs)

This article will take you to the short journey of clinically and academically relevant points related to Cardiac Pharmacology. It contains key information in the form of question answers which you are expected to know as a good student, nurse, or clinical instructor. Moreover, some additional points are also discussed related to Cardiac Pharmacology at… Read More »

Important Nematodes affecting the Health of man

by Enrique_L. Nematodes (also known as Nemathelmintes) are roundworms with a cylindrical body and a complete digestive tract including mouth and anus. They are unsegmented, pseudocoelomate worms. The body is covered with a noncellular, highly resistant coating called a cuticle, which is molted as they grow. Nematodes have separate sexes; the female is usually larger… Read More »