Order xanax no prescripton utah millcreek

By | 28.11.2017

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2 thoughts on “Order xanax no prescripton utah millcreek

  1. Brazahn

    Before I was prescribed xanax I weighed 90 pounds, bags under my eyes, couldn't get out of bed, had no appetite, dehydrated, couldn't leave the house, or even speak to anyone. I have SEVERE anxiety and depression & also suffer from PTSD.... thoughts on suicide were everyday and I had to be basically babysat 24-7 to make sure I didn't do anything stupid. I don't understand why everyone talks about the negative effects of this pill when people like ME actually need it to function and live a happy lifestyle. Since taking it, I've gained healthy weight, no longer throw up from anxiety, i have friends now, and do activities i never thought i would without having panic attacks. Its a great feeling to be able to live again. Thank you XANAX

  2. Dall

    Doctor had me on Xanax three times a day to try and stop my anxiety depression from furthering. While Xanax is wonderful for anxiety, be careful, the withdrawal can be nasty if you don't get off it properly. Needless to say I get timid taking it now cause of that. However, it helps in times of crisis.

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