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By | 03.03.2018

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2 thoughts on “Buy cheap xanax ohio newark

  1. Gardajar

    I'll take the regular kind, if I have to take it at all. Be warned..this stuff is HIGHLY addicting. If you have ever had any kind of dependency issues, avoid this drug class like a plague. It can cause more problems than it can cure, and you won't even know it until you are long gone. (I worked in the substance abuse field. We saw a lot of problems with this.)

  2. Kagabar

    very addictive being used for chronic insomnia works ok but finding i have to keep increasing the dosage even thoughi have only been using it on and off for two weeks. 4 mgs will put me 2 sleep most of the time. But i do mix with diazepam and restoril 4 a decent nights sleep otherwise it is my prison insomnia.

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