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  1. Brarg

    I suffer from social anxiety-fear of public speaking especially to large groups. The anxiety and panic can be overwhelming! Xanax really works getting me thru it. So grateful to have & use only when needed.

  2. Virr

    I started this medicine about 2 months ago for severe anxiety. I tried everything they had out there for anxiety but nothing worked until now. I still get a panic attack once in a while but something I can handle. Anxiety cause me to have heart disease and other problem health issues. I recommend Xanax...

  3. Voodoogor

    Even though this medication has helped my panic disorder greatly it came with a cost. For one, my body is dependent on it, and it has caused several side effects which have led to the prescription of other medications to counter the side effects. One is racing thoughts, and feelings of euphoria, in other words bipolar, and now I take a mood stabilizer with Xanax. Its not like a cold, where you can take medication and you get better in a few weeks. This medication helps control these attacks but does not cure the disease, which is very frustrating.

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