Cod shipped xanax dosage and frequency

By | 08.11.2017

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Xanax Prescription: Cod shipped xanax dosage and frequency

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  1. Samurn

    This pill works miracles for me. It is completely effective against all of my anxiety. It also makes me feel less OCD. I no longer obsess over thoughts or worry while I am on this. Xanax unleashes my creativity. I play guitar, write music and draw a lot. I used to do all these things but have thought I lost interest because I had no inspiration. I have no side effects except some memory loss and tiredness. I wish my doctor would up my prescription, I am on 2 mg a day and for the past nine months I have always finished my prescription in 1 - 2 weeks. But this does well for keeping tolerance low and avoiding addiction and dependence. I am on it for 2 weeks and then off until my refill.

  2. Fek

    I was able to relax more than usual, and my mind did not feel like a race car circling a track at 150 miles per hour. It became easier to focus on the task at hand without worrying about what was on my to-do list and, due to an eating disorder, how much I had eaten or was going to eat that day.

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