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By | 27.11.2017

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3 thoughts on “Order cheap xanax arkansas conway

  1. Faejinn

    My doctor prescribed this to me for the depressive episodes (as part of my bipolar dx). At 0.5mg, that was sufficient to stop crying, but I was exhausted, mentally. Perhaps numb. Not sure if it was from the depression/crying or the medicine. At 1mg, it knocks me out. I now use it mainly for insomnia, and no more than once a week. Any more than 0.5mg at 11pm and I will not get up on time for work. Because this is my own use, I confided in a friend (who had a stroke) and he confessed he had been doing the same thing until his MD stopped him. I believe insomnia may be a good use for this medicine IF USED CORRECTLY. I know it may have addictive potential. Monitor yourself.

  2. Basida

    I suffer from panic attacks, general anxiety disorder, and depression. These pills are life saving for me. Went from two a day as needed (.25MG) to only needing when really anxious. The only thing that worries me are the addictive qualities. They are so effective I can see how Not having them can become a problem. But don't by any means let this reason keep you from trying it, especially if recommended by your physician.

  3. Faulkis

    Works well for about the 1st year to stave off panic. After the year, it still calms, but not nearly as much as it used to. I am hoping my dr. will try me on something new next time I go.

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