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Names: Order xanax no prescription connecticut shelton

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  1. Nezahn

    Most men my age (43) report similar results. Great drug. I had lost several family member in a short period of time. Like most guys we don't express or release our emotions. 6 months after losing family members I lost my temper over a serious but not so serious incident. I was lucky I didn't serioulsy hurt someone. One of the biggest wake calls in my life. Something ws up. Doctor said you need to manage the anxiety. Took 1 pill and never felt better. Doctors response on revisit was people don't have anxiety they are just "underxanaxed." If you worry about the stupid little things and let the big stuff build inside you need help. Xanax will all cure road rage. Be safe and take care of yourself for once. Best wishes to all. one side note to the youger posters, try a sport first. Xanax should compliment your plan to reach balance, not be the silver bullet. Best wishes

  2. Faek

    at first i thought xanax was a godsend. i felt that i could cope with my job and it gave me a relaxed feeling, sometimes a feeling of bliss. shortly after taking xanax 3 times a day i became severely addicted to the drug. i had extreme mood swings, memory loss, and became a nasty person. i tried to wean myself off xanax many many times and failed. finally i went into detox. i wouldn't recommend xanax for my worst enemy. it is evil and doctors who prescribe it for more than 8 weeks are drug dealers.

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