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  1. Tonris

    Xanax has really helped me relax. I have severe anxiety, depression and PTSD. I take Seroquel XR and recently my doctor switched me from Xanax to Atarax. The Atarax did not work at all. I have suffered from anxiety for years and the only thing that has been effective is Xanax. I would recommend this to anyone who has moderate to severe anxiety. It does have a high addiction rate, so be extremely careful when taking this.

  2. Mikus

    I began having anxiety and panic attacks after 2 brain surgeries. I took .5 mg when I felt an attack coming on. After my second brain surgery the panic attacks were severe. I took Xanax just about every day. I was put on an SSRI (we tried several) to try to prevent the attacks. There were too many side effects with them. I had no withdrawals from the Xanax and believe it's great if you use common sense when you take it.

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