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By | 15.12.2017

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  1. Vudogrel

    Excellent for insomnia - much better than Ambien. Although my normal resting pulse rate ranges from 38 to 45 beats per minute (with no adverse effects) at random times, and for no apparent reason, my resting pulse rate shoots up to 90 and even 100 bpm accompanied by significant increase in blood pressure.(Panic attack?) When this occurs, 0.5mg or 1mg Xanax tablet reduces pulse rate to normal within 30 to 40 minutes. Excellent medication for non-addictive person.

  2. Akirisar

    In 2007 I started having what I now know panic attacks, but didn't know it at the time my doctor sent my blood in for testing, trying to figure out why I'm having to pull over when driving cuz I think I'm going to pass out due to hyperventilation. First I thought I was having low blood sugar but a few weeks later at my follow up appt. My doctor said " you're having major panic attacks I believe.".. I tried every anxiety medication there is trying to feel better.Then my Dr. Gave me 1mg alpazolam every 6 hours as needed. I still take xanex and 20mg of lexapro to this day. Just having a xanex bar in my pocket helps prevent attacks, today I get 45 2mg bars and I make sure I try to take no xanex a few times a week so I don't become dependent

  3. Sashicage

    Xanax works I have taken xanax for many years, ranging in doseage from 2mg. up to 3mg. and now down to 1.5-1.75mg. It works for severe GAD and social anxiety. I have never developed tolerance to the dose all this time, in fact was able to decrease so for me it has been a very good answer to extreme anxiety along with psychotherapy and my faith in God. I truly wish I never went on a benzodiazepine, because withdrawal can be very difficult but I know that it can be done very slowly. I am planning to reduce the dosage some more. At low dosages it has an antidepressant effect, unlike other benzos such as Klonopin or Valium.

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